Sector Scorecard

The Sector Scorecard is the name for a set of 15 indicators that we are proposing to use to benchmark efficiency across the sector. The aim is for these indicators to become the mainstream way that efficiency and effectiveness are measured.

These indicators will allow us to compare like with like, while at the same time recognising that ours is a diverse sector encompassing a wide range of legitimate social missions.

We have recently launched a one-year pilot to thoroughly test the indicators proposed and the practicalities of collecting and analysing the data. We want as many associations as possible to take part in the pilot so please get involved!

The Sector Scorecard was developed by the Efficiencies Working Group (now renamed the Sector Scorecard Working Group as they steer the scorecard through the pilot year!)

If you want to know more about the project you’ll find further details in the Sector Scorecard FAQs or get in touch with us at

This initiative has received widespread backing across the sector:

Gavin Barwell, Housing Minister 2016-2017 …

Housing Minister Gavin Barwell said: “I welcome this initiative to develop a set of common efficiency metrics for the housing association sector.

“The sector has a vital role to play in providing the homes we need, and housing associations need to be able to demonstrate that they are making the best possible use of their resources to deliver for the communities they serve.”

National Housing Federation Chief Executive David Orr …

National Housing Federation Chief Executive David Orr: “It is great to see sector leadership on the important issue of efficiencies. Housing associations need to be able to tell a clear story on how efficient we are and the impact we are making, otherwise others will attempt to do it for us.

“Having a set of indicators that are owned and reported by the sector would be a real step forward. The proposed pilot will be critical in making sure these indicators work for housing associations in different markets and different areas and give us the information we need to paint a coherent picture of sector efficiency.”

Clare Norton, Chair of g320, Representing smaller Housing Associations working in London (CEO of Peter Bedford Housing Association) …

“Smaller housing associations in London consistently provide high quality services for their tenants and communities. We are delighted that g320 members will be taking part in the Sector Scorecard demonstrating our impact and value, and using the opportunity to improve our services where we can learn from each other.

David Montague CBE, Chief Executive of L&Q group, Chair of G15 …

“As we rally to fix the housing crisis housing associations are reconnecting with their independent roots.  But the price of independence is accountability and transparency.

“The Sector Scorecard offers a way forward which other sectors should emulate, allowing us to compare, learn, celebrate our achievements and challenge those things which need to improve.   For government, investors and customers it offers commitment and secures confidence.

Terrie Alafat, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Housing …

“This is an important initiative to develop a shared sector approach to measuring its performance. We support the proposal to pilot the scorecard to ensure it is useful for all housing associations regardless of size and location, and is relevant for the diverse services delivered.”



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